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Chicago Club of the Deaf was founded on August 28, 1942 and recognized and chartered by State of Illinois formally on March 18, 1943. The founders were Abe Migatz, John B. Davis, Mitchell Raci, Gordon Rice, John Kelly, Sam Golin, Louis Greenberg, William Crenshaw, Francis Fitzerald, Joe Aberbanell and William Malworm. To this date, we are celebrating 77 years of CCD’s existence. We strive to bring back old members and to welcome new members. Variety of events will come in near future.


Chicago Club of the Deaf (CCD) is the one of the fewest Deaf Clubs left in United States of America. Many Deaf immigrants and visitors would look for deaf club first because of communication access. They often feel welcomed at deaf clubs and they would not experience any communication barrier.



CLICK HERE to read/print the CCD ByLaws (23 pages, pdf format)